How does the SInet work?

Each participating research centre joins the network with their current projects. Through sharing of information, ideas and expertise about these projects as well as research opportunities that will develop over the coming years, SInet projects in future will not be linked to only one research centre, but to multiple groupings.

All projects within the SInet will have the final goal of empowering individuals, communities, profit and non-profit organisations and the government to improve quality of life. The image below, Scope of SInet research depicts the kind of research undertaken in the SInet.

sinet diagram


Network Configurations and Infrastructure

The Social Innovation Network is structured in centre and project nodes (pdf). 

Centre nodes are existing or newly formed groupings of researchers with common research interests within a discipline. Project nodes are research projects which fit into the scope of social innovation research and are undertaken by at least one SInet member or SInet centre node.

Check out the Nodes to see who is involved.

Last reviewed: 30 April, 2010


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