SInet Events

The following table outlines all the current events for the Social Innovation Network, with dates, information links and the best contact for each item.


11 Dec 2012Green EventMore InformationLimin Tan
21 Nov 2012Perspectives on AgeingMore informationYoke Berry
13 Aug 2012The Future We Want SeminarMore informationLimin Tan
12 Dec 2011 Ageing Population Research @ UoW SeminarMore InformationLimin Tan
11 April 2011Interdisciplinary Collaboration-Practical InsightsMore InformationLimin Tan
27 October 2010Social Business & InnovationMore InformationLimin Tan
24 May 2010Green Seminar- Environmentally Aware Research and PracticeMore InformationLimin Tan
22 March 2010Food Seminar- Food and Social ConnectionsMore InformationLimin Tan




Last reviewed: 2 February, 2015


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