SInet Meetings


Each year SInet holds a number of Meetings for SInet members to be involved in developing the direction and focus of our endeavours.

The meetings are open to all SInet members.

The table below lists the date and venue, the topic, a link to further information and the contact details for each event.

21 March 2011 12:30pm 40A. G81 HDR students lunch meeting Not required Limin Tan
24 February 2011 3pm 20-5 General Meeting. Guest speakers: Eduardo Pol and Ping Yu Not required Limin Tan
24 February 2011 2pm 20-4 Node Directors Meeting Not required Limin Tan
28 July 2010 40a.G81

Guest Speaker, Steve Lawrence, Chief Executive from ASIX

SInet updated including ebook launch, website, SInet sub-networks etc.

For catering purposes please RSVP by 21st July 2010 Limin Tan
18 February 2010 40a.G81 SInet in 2010, web site redevelopment, ebook launch. For catering purposes please RSVP by the
12th of February 2010
Felicity Pye


Last reviewed: 18 March, 2011


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