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a multi-disciplinary research network across Faculties of the University of Wollongong

SInet Research Creates Better Futures for People

The Social Innovation Network (SInet) brings together researchers from many discipline to investigate the development of new concepts, strategies and tools that empower individuals, communities, profit and non-profit organisations and the government to improve quality of life where quality of life means material standard of living as well as personal well-being in terms of health and environment and social harmony.



SInet's Green Theme will be organising a Green event on Environmental Issues early in 2014 . Watch this space!

What is Happening

SInet is now operating as two themes:  the Grey and the Green

The Grey theme is closely linked to the Global Challenge Living-Well Longer.

The Green Theme includes a network of researchers, teachers and practitioners concerned with the environment.  An exciting element of this is Illawarra-Shoalhaven Food Research Network (ISFoRN).  What this space!




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The Green Theme: including  Food Futures in the Illawarra

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