SInet Nodes

Faculty of Business

  • Centre for Research in Socially Responsible Marketing (CRSRM) 
  • Centre for Health Services Development (CHSD)
  • Centre for Human and Social Capital Research (CHSCR)
  • Health, Environment, Development and Growth Economics (HEDGE)
  • People and Organisations Research Centre (PandO)
  • Centre for Small Business and Regional Research (CSBRR)
  • Social Accounting and Accountability Research Centre (SAARC)
  • Centre for Applied Systems Research (CASR)
  • Institute for Innovation in Business and Social Research (IIBSoR)
  • The Marketing Research Innovation Centre (MRIC)

Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences

  • Centre for Digital Ecosystems
  • The Decision Systems Laboratory
  • Centre for Socio Technical Information Systems

Faculty of Law, Humanities and The Arts 

  • Cultural Innovations
  • Literature Identity and Culture (LIC) 

Faculty of Science, Medicine and Health

  • Centre for Health Initiatives (CHI)
  • Food and Health
  • Human Geography (HGeo)

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Interdisciplinary Educational Research Institute (IERI)

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Last reviewed: 2 February, 2015


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