The SInet Ageing Theme

Due to the ageing population, there is an increasing amount of work at aged care facilities; studies in caring for elderly are necessary. SInet provides a chance to bring along people from different faculties/centre involving in aged care. There are a number of research activities at the University of Wollongong that relate to this theme .  Theme that are relevant include Health Services, Population Health, Healthy Ageing, e-Health and the well being of senior Australians.

Sinet projects in the Faculties of Health and Behavioral Science, Commerce and Informatics include:
  • The participation of isolate nursing home or at-home seniors in virtual social communities and the contribution of this participation to their wellbeing, contacts Helen Hasan and Lois Burgess
    A project funded by IRT to investigate the quality of aged care services and the development of a health service standard. The project explores the expectations of community members and examine how the providers can meet the requirements, contacts Lois Burgess and Mary Barrett
  • A project investigating the transition of people with intellectual disabilities into aged care that facilitates well-being for clients, carers and stakeholders,; contacts Chris Sykes,  Peter McLean, Patrick Dawson and Michael Zanko 
  • A Community Engagement Grant project entitle ‘Dementia Online Illawarra’ - Innovative approaches to supporting the information needs of Dementia Service Providers in the Illawarra.  The community partners include the Illawarra Dementia Services Network and the Illawarra Forum - contacts Lyn Phllipson, Helen Hasan and Peter Samsa
  • The Centre for e-Health's  research activities focus on innovative areas in health informatics and e-health research, especially areas capitalizing on emerging information communication technologies (ICTs). contacts Linda Dawson and Ping Yu
  • NSW & ACT Australia Dementia Training and Study Centre is In the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health in HBS . This Centre is funded by the of Department of Health & Ageing (a total of $6 million since 2006) and will complement aged and dementia care research activities in HBS, contact Victoria Traynor
Areas of Research Strengths involving  Health and Ageing are:

Australian Health Service Research Institute  AHSRI 

  • Held an Aged Care Forum in conjunction with SMART and the Illawarra Retirement Trust - details here
  • Projects include assessing the needs of community care, and health and human services -  contact Peter Samsa

The Centre for Health Initiatives CHI,  

  • Lyn Phllipson is working as a Health Education Officer for CHI and has been working on various projects related to ageing such as dementia, support healthy lifestyles, physical activities of people living in nursing home, online space for elderly to self manage asthma etc.
  • Henry Zheng's  research focuses on physical activity interventions such as designing and developing physical activities for people with chronic conditions.

The Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute IHMRI 

  • IHMRI has a Healthy Ageing Theme and one on Population Health
  • Mark WIlson works for and focuses on biological sciences, mechanism of ageing such as Parkinson Disease and Alzheimer Disease etc.
  •  IHMRI has  projects involved primary care of Rural Health - contact Andrew Bonney.
  •  IHMRI is calling for expressions of Interest for a Population Health Flagship Project - contact Karyn Ridgway
Some Useful Links:

WHO Global Age Friendly Cities Guide

Last reviewed: 2 February, 2015


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