SInet Themes (Subnetworks)

Green Theme 

This theme focuses on the topic of environmental responsibility and its implications for sustainability, at topic which has emerged across several nodes in SInet.  Synergies are developing between the research in many Faculties looking at the impacts of climate change on, and potential solutions for, human enterprises. We include the University’s own Environment and Sustainability Initiatives (ESI) Unit in this network to indicate the potential for links of this network between research, teaching and practice that may then extend into local external organisations.  Find out more ....

Food Theme - Food Futures in the Illawarra through structuring council and community networks

The project, Food Futures in the Illawarra, draws together researchers, local councils and community organisations to improve quality of life through community forums that will debate “what sort of food system do we want?”  These community discussions will be based on the session theme of the 2009 SInet conference, “Structuring social innovation at the local level:  Councils and communities”.  It will develop and consolidate a research network incorporating university groups, community organisations and individuals.  The network process was initiated at the first SInet seminar for 2010, Food and Social Connections, 22nd March.  Find out more here.

Ageing Theme 

SInet is  connecting researchers across campus who relate to the theme of Ageing, sparked by the release of the Productivity Commission's report on "Caring for Older Australians".  This brings together members of various Nodes of SInet, as well as people from IHMRI, CHI and AHSRI.  There is a great range of activities underway at UoW related to ageing and we see value in aligning these activities for economic and social wellbeing.  For work of some SINet members from Commerce and Informatics this area see here .

Systems in Society Theme 

Uniquely positioned between the technical and the social to extend 'social innovation' globally, ‘Systems in Society’ applies systems thinking to address social and cultural concerns as well as applying a range of appropriate technologies to benefit of societies and cultures. It is our holistic approach to complex social situations and problems that differentiates this SInet theme. Find out more.

Life Sciences- Social Aspects of Life Sciences

This sub-theme was established at the end of 2010 and aims to bring together multi- and inter-disciplinary researchers with an interest in biological and health sciences from a humanities/qualitative perspective. This network deliberately looks beyond health research to include the biological sciences more broadly, and aims to act as a focal point for the diverse people interested in these inter-disciplinary areas and create a space to talk about these, seek research synergies, share information and provide feedback on works in progress from different disciplinary perspectives. For information about Life Sciences, click here.

Last reviewed: 13 February, 2014


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